All our gates, railings and posts are cast iron and produced in our foundry.

Golden Gates have been supplying quality period cast iron gates and railings since it was established back in 2003. We have a long family history in the Cast Iron Trade going back over fifty years. With this experience and knowledge we can offer castings of the highest quality with a consistency that is second to none.

We are a family business which draws on our values when it comes to service and integrity, we pride ourselves on delivering quality and with each casting, we pour these values into our products.

We have developed a unique collection of 19th century inspired cast iron railings and gates. Using traditional foundry techniques, the patterns faithfully replicate those found in the original Sun Foundry catalogue of 1897.

Created from totally authentic designs and materials, The Golden Gates Collection is perfect for both restoration and regeneration projects and provides an enduring, traditional alternative to the multitude of lightweight railings and gates currently offered in the marketplace.

Crafted in solid cast iron using time-honoured techniques, the range represents the finest quality available today. The Golden Gates Collection has also been developed with modern requirements in mind, allowing the use of integrated automation and intercom systems. All railings, gates and posts are supplied primed and undercoated, ready for application of the final coat after installation.

These ironworks look equally stylish on old period conservation projects or new contemporary developments. Our range is perfect for larger scale developments such as conservation works, parks, schools, period houses, hotels, national park developments or smaller one off residential projects while adding a feel of security to your home or grounds.

Our products are most affordable while giving your property added value in return. A selection of gates and railings are available to view by appointment or alternative arrangements can be made to view at locations nationwide.


During the Victorian Era, June 1837 to January 1901. There was a huge demand for decorative cast iron throughout Great Britain, America and South Australia. In South Australia, this demand reached it’s climax in the last quarter of the 19th century. Thousands of villas, cottages, houses and maisonettes were enhanced by local ironfounders and blacksmiths which have become an integral part of South Australia’s heritage

One of the most famous foundries was the Sun Foundry, which was set up by Colin Stewart and Allen Cameron Harley. Colin Stewart left Glasgow and his position in the original Sun Foundry to travel to Australia. It seems likely that Stewart bought out the Fulton Foundry in Adelaide, and with a Mr Harley established the Sun Foundry of Harley and Stewart around 1867. AC Harley bought out Harley and Stewart in 1910, but retained the foundry name, becoming Forwood Down & Co Ltd in 1924. It is not known if this was undertaken with the blessing of George Smith & Co Ltd, the original founders of the Sun Foundry in Glasgow.

The Glasgow Sun Foundry produced a range of excellent designs for gates, railings, bandstands, and their speciality, ornamental fountains. One of the best examples of Scottish architectural ironwork is their fountain in Fountain Gardens, Paisley, complete with cast iron walruses and rocks. There is also a wonderful example of the Sun Foundry’s work in The People’s Park, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin. It is from the Australian reprint of the Harley and Stewart catalogue containing the Glasgow foundry’s original designs that our collections are inspired.