Golden Gates Bespoke Service

Golden Gates Bespoke also offers a bespoke heritage service, reproducing products in cast iron from drawings or an original sample. This service is ideal for conservation projects relating to parks, promenade, school, church, national park developments, period houses. Our Bespoke service can be used for any product that needs to be reproduced in Cast Iron.

After making the pattern from the original drawing, sketches, CAD drawings or the original piece, we use the new pattern to make an impression in the sand casting box. We use the same original method of casting that was used over a hundred years ago. Once the impression is made, the iron is heated to approximately 1200 °C until it becomes molten iron and then poured into the mould. This is then left to cool until the iron hardens. The moulds are removed and the casting is cleaned of any rough edges. Once painted, the product is ready for use.

The Bray Seafront Project